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The 15 Best Themes For Website Building For Wordpress In 2024

You don't have to make your WordPress website look outdated. As we move into the new decade, it's a great time to make some changes. This blog features a selection of the top WordPress themes, both premium and free, for 2024.

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Elementor (Our Top Rated Page Builder Plugin) is a drag-and-drop page builder that makes designing custom designs effortless.

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Divi is a WordPress theme builder that seamlessly blends visual front-end building with back end capabilities.

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If you need a fast, straightforward and flexible theme, Astra Developed by Brainstorm Force is an ideal option.

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1. Elementor

elementor homepage screenshot

Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder that makes designing custom designs effortless. With Elementor, you can see an instant preview of your design as you make changes.

It also provides a host of features designed to build high-converting websites. Its responsive editing makes your content look and function perfectly on all devices.

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It’s A Drag-And-Drop Page Builder

If you want to build a WordPress website without knowing how to code, Elementor Theme Builder could be the ideal solution. It's user-friendly and allows for the creation of beautiful websites with minimal effort.

For quick website design updates, this visual drag-and-drop editor is an ideal option. Compatible with WordPress 5.0 and higher, it has numerous layout options to choose from.

You can customize the appearance of your site using global styles. This feature enables you to apply distinct styles to each part of your site, such as header and footer sections.

The interface is user-friendly and accessible to everyone; however, it may take some time to become proficient in using all available features.

Before making changes to your website with Elementor, it's wise to spend some time learning how to use the platform. The Elementor support team is always ready to assist and they provide helpful videos that will guide you through the process.

Another advantage of Elementor page builder is that it automatically creates responsive designs for all screen sizes - especially important with an increasing percentage of website traffic coming from mobile devices.

Additionally, it enables you to quickly create multiple pages for each screen size - ideal for small businesses and bloggers alike.

Furthermore, you can save your designs as templates or blocks for future reuse. Overall, Elementor is one of the easiest and most reliable WordPress page builders available.

If you need a powerful yet user-friendly tool to construct an impressive website that stands out from competitors, Elementor is definitely worth considering.

Easy to use and equipped with a wide selection of templates and widgets suitable for all websites, it also boasts powerful integrations with third-party marketing tools like Zapier or MailChimp.

If you're a small business owner who wants to create a website without knowing how to code, Elementor is your perfect solution. It's user-friendly with plenty of features and compatible with various themes.9

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It’s easy to use

Elementor page builder functions similarly to other visual drag-and-drop page builders, but it also boasts some features that set it apart.

These include live preview and real-time editing - both useful tools that streamline design time and keep things organized. The best part is that it's free to use.

Plus, there's a thirty-day money back guarantee so you can test it out yourself and decide if it works for your site without risking any of your hard work.

Another fantastic benefit of the Elementor page builder is its ease of customization. You can alter widget layouts and add different types of content into them, plus use columns and sections to craft unique designs.

When you're ready to make a change, simply click on the element you wish to edit and then select from the available options.

For instance, you can adjust the color of a button or add custom text message as required. Once you're finished, you can save that template for future reference.

Alternatively, it can also be saved as a global widget so that it appears across all your pages. Elementor provides a library of templates and blocks to get you started quickly.

These range from pre-designed designs, through block templates and site kits, to more complex items like marketing automation packages.

These all help you create visually pleasing designs across your website. Plus, they're easy to edit so you can personalize them however much or little you wish.

Elementor offers a host of features, but the ones we've highlighted above should give you an idea of its ease-of-use. It's suitable for both professionals and beginners alike - plus, it's always fun trying out new ideas! And don't forget - customer support is always there if needed.

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It’s free

Elementor is a popular page builder that's free for users. It boasts plenty of features that will help make your website more attractive to viewers.

You can even use it to design a layout for each page so they all look consistent and load quickly. Not only will this save time, but it may help boost your website's performance in search engine results as well.

Another fantastic thing about Elementor is its intuitiveness and ease of learning. Unlike other page builders, you don't need any programming knowledge or experience in order to use it effectively.

WordPress makes for an ideal starting point, making it suitable for both novices and those new to the platform. Furthermore, its lightweight nature and speed ensure you won't experience slow loading times on your site.

It also offers a library of templates you can use for different designs. For instance, you'll find one template for contact sections that is universal across all pages.

These templates come in three categories - blocks, pages and my templates. All of them contain pre-built design elements which can easily be tailored to meet your requirements.

Once you've selected the template that best suits your site, it's time to get building. Getting started is quick and effortless; plus, with preview mode, you can see exactly how your page will appear before publishing it.

You can save your own designs as templates to use later, which will save you valuable time. This is particularly beneficial if you need to design pages for multiple clients or customers at once.

Finally, Elementor Pro also features a theme builder feature that lets you customize your website's appearance without touching the core code.

It works in sync with WordPress's coding standards and is compatible with all themes that adhere to them. Elementor's theme builder is an efficient tool that makes creating a professional-looking website much simpler.

It offers premade templates to get you started quickly, as well as access to its extensive library of widgets which you can customize for your design.

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It’s easy to customize

Elementor makes customizing WordPress websites a breeze, offering an expansive library of templates and widgets that you can use to quickly build unique sites without needing coding knowledge.

Plus, its active community of web designers and creators are always ready to answer questions or offer helpful hints and tips.

Elementor's free version offers a vast library of templates and widgets, but the Pro version unlocks additional capabilities that will make your site even more polished.

These include drag-and-drop page builders, responsive designs, advanced pricing lists and media carousels - everything you need for professional results!

Content and elements on your website can be quickly added or removed, making it a perfect option for businesses that must stay current with evolving trends.

You have complete control over content blocks - simply move them around to fit your needs! Additionally, clone pages if you require multiple identical versions of one page quickly.

Furthermore, with Elementor you can create custom post types (or fields as they're known) for each type of content you wish to showcase on your site.

This is an incredibly useful feature as it enables the construction of individual pages for things like blog posts and WooCommerce product pages.

Elementor's built-in editor allows you to customize text fonts and colors with ease. It's an ideal way to create unique fonts as well as add in logos or custom background images.

Another way to make your page stand out is with a transparent header. This gives your website an elegant and modern appearance, as it reveals the contents of the page as users scroll down.

This is especially helpful if your website contains a lot of visual content, like images and videos. Additionally, you can adjust the opacity of your transparent header to give it more or less transparency depending on how it looks on desktop and mobile devices.

Save any widget you use across multiple pages as a Global Widget, meaning all updates to it will be reflected elsewhere. This is an incredibly time-saving feature and one of the greatest advantages of Elementor.

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2. Divi

Divi Homepage Screenshot.

Divi is a WordPress theme builder that seamlessly blends visual front-end building with straightforward back end capabilities.

This enables both design professionals and non-coders to assemble stunning websites with remarkable ease and efficiency.

Divi offers an expansive library of layout packs and high-quality templates that can be used as a starting point when creating new pages or posts.

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Divi is a WordPress theme builder with plenty of features and functionality. Its primary benefit is its visual editor, which lets you design pages in real time without needing to deal with code or complicated back end options.

Divi has something for everyone!The theme builder offers a range of layout options that you can use to customize the appearance and feel of your pages.

All options have been designed with responsive design in mind, plus there's even a device preview function so that you can see how different screen sizes will render your webpage.

There's also a custom CSS module, allowing you to add your own styling to any element on your site. This is an excellent option if you're a designer who knows CSS or has some experience coding.

Another fantastic feature is the capability of adding dynamic content to your page. This means pulling data from your database and connecting it with your website's modules allows for the creation of sections, rows and columns that can display specific information in an intuitive manner.

This feature is invaluable for businesses that need to regularly update the information on their website. It helps guarantee your site always remains up-to-date with the most pertinent details and is easily accessible for visitors.

One final useful feature is the Divi library, where you can store any design elements or complete layouts and quickly access them later. This helps save a considerable amount of time when creating a new website.

Divi's vast template library boasts over 1,714 distinct importable designs organized into 233+ "layout packs". Layout packs make it simple for you to group together similar templates in order to quickly and efficiently create multiple layouts for your website.

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Layout packs

Divi is an acclaimed WordPress theme by Elegant Themes that offers a range of layout packs to help you design your website in half the time it would take if you started from scratch.

This makes Divi an ideal choice for anyone looking to start a new site or enhance their existing one. This theme stands out from other options due to its built-in page builder.

That means you can create 100% customized designs without knowing any code! Page builders typically provide a visual editor that lets you drag and drop elements into place and customize them with various customization options.

These may include fonts, colors, borders, images and more.It also features a history panel that allows you to go back to earlier revisions.

This is especially helpful for beginners since it allows them to correct any mistakes made and get back where they were at any given point during the development process.

Another great feature is Divi's Visual Builder and custom CSS, enabling you to customize individual page elements with precision. With these tools, you can make changes to everything from fonts and colors in a layout, to image elements on an image, all the way up to its overall appearance.

However, it's worth noting that this method of customization does come with a learning curve. It may be complex and time-consuming if you plan to do a lot of this.

Additionally, you'll want to utilize a global template for all of your site's content. Although this can be tedious when using a layout pack, it can also be highly effective and save you considerable time in the long run.

Divi's layout features are all responsive by default, with a device preview function to show how your site will appear on various screen sizes. You can even set up designs using wireframe mode so you have an accurate representation of how the content will be organized.

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Customization options

Divi's theme builder offers a vast array of customization options for both layouts and individual sections. For instance, you can use hover effects to make interactive elements look more inviting or add depth to images with custom drop shadows.

Create page templates with a defined header, body, and footer for sites with plenty of content such as eCommerce shops or blogs. Divi also boasts an impressive library of premade layouts that you can customize and save in the Layout Library for later use.

These templates come in various styles, making them excellent starting points when designing your website.In addition to the template library, there is also a Theme Builder tool that lets you customize your site's header and footer templates.

This gives you complete control over all aspects of your website design while saving time when creating new designs. Another key feature of Divi Builder is its ability to preview designs across different devices.

This feature is common among WordPress site builders, but it's especially beneficial for Divi as it grants more control over your designs' visual aesthetic.

It's also a great way to preview how your designs will appear onscreen before publishing them, helping you avoid any unpleasant surprises when the time comes.

You may choose to show a preview of your entire site so visitors can easily comprehend how it will appear on their device. The visual builder offers full wireframe mode as well as various column options to give you even greater control over your page's structure.

You can drag modules to new positions or completely delete them for a customized experience. Visual Builder's interface is user-friendly and designed with responsive design in mind.

There's also an advanced column editor that lets you move modules around within column structures and reposition them inside other columns, ensuring your pages will always look great on mobile devices.

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Divi is a popular WordPress theme with various pricing plans available. The annual membership plan costs $89 annually, while an one-time purchase option of $249 grants lifetime access to the product and all updates and support included.

Divi is an ideal platform for WordPress website creation with its powerful drag-and-drop page editor.

It boasts an expansive library of customizable templates that can be tailored to create any type of site, as well as full layout packs with premade templates for pages, categories, archives and posts.

Divi also supports multilingual editing which makes it even easier to get your message across to new readers! Divi stands out with its feature that allows you to conditionally apply templates to different sections of your website.

This gives you plenty of freedom when designing layouts and allows changes without impacting other parts of your site. Additionally, it comes equipped with built-in SEO features that can help boost your ranking on Google.

This is especially beneficial if you are redesigning an existing website, since new templates can be designed specifically with search engine visibility in mind. Another key benefit of this theme is its capacity to convert visitors into leads.

It offers a dedicated conversion optimization system that lets you run A/B tests on content to determine which ones perform better, saving both time and money when it comes to increasing website leads.

It's especially useful if you are creating landing pages for online courses or lead magnets. Testing how well a landing page performs before launching it allows you to identify which one converts best with your audience, so that they stay engaged and satisfied with their purchase.

Divi is the perfect plugin for creating beautiful designs that stand out from competitors, regardless of whether you are creating a simple blog or eCommerce website.

Not only is it user-friendly, but it also comes with extensive documentation and support forums to get you up and running quickly.

Elegant Themes offers two Divi pricing plans, both of which offer excellent deals. The $89 annual plan includes all themes, plugins and premium support you need to get going quickly.

On the other hand, the $249 lifetime plan provides lifetime access to all products and updates - an ideal investment if you plan on using Divi for longer than two years.

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3. Astra


If you need a fast, straightforward and flexible theme, Astra is an ideal option. Developed by Brainstorm Force (the same team behind Convert Pro and Ultimate Addons for Elementor), this theme is compatible with many page builders and marketing tools.

It offers various layouts for archives, blog posts and pages. You can choose between boxed, content boxed or full width contained layouts.

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It’s easy to use

Brainstorm Force designed Astra, a powerful WordPress theme developed by the same team behind Convert Pro and Ultimate Addons for Elementor.

It boasts many advanced features to help you craft an eye-catching website - perfect for web shops, business sites, eLearning portals, portfolios - and more!

Astra provides a selection of pre-built starter templates, which can be downloaded and installed within minutes. Furthermore, the theme comes with numerous plugins to extend its capabilities further.

The Astra Starter Sites plugin boasts an expansive library of website designs so launching a professional website without coding knowledge is now easier than ever!Astra theme features an extensive documentation and tutorial section that gives users all the information they need to get started.

The documentation is well written, straightforward to comprehend, and it includes comprehensive instructions on how to utilize all available features.

Another notable feature of the theme is its compatibility with popular page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder. This makes it a standout advantage, as many themes lack modern page builder support.

This makes creating stylish pages that match your theme's aesthetic easier while giving you more freedom when designing one. Additionally, the theme offers a custom layout option that lets you personalize headers, footers and 404 pages quickly and easily.

This feature can reduce your theme's size while improving performance.The theme's optimizations guarantee your pages load quickly, regardless of the amount of content on them.

It does not utilize jQuery which could negatively impact performance due to render-blocking, and instead uses Vanilla JavaScript for interactive elements.

Furthermore, it loads Google fonts locally instead of having them downloaded from external servers which could increase loading times on your site.

Astra's support team is always ready to assist with any inquiries that arise. You can reach them via live chat or email and they promise to respond promptly with answers to your questions.

The theme also offers white-labeling, which is rarely found in Pro versions of themes and ideal for agencies focusing on custom branding.

With its mini agency bundle for starter sites and builder plugin, agencies can deliver a tailored brand experience to their clients.

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It’s fast

This theme offers numerous customizable features and options, making it simple to construct any kind of website. These include:

Drag-and-Drop Header Builder

This feature is invaluable as it enables you to quickly create custom headers. Not only does this save time on site creation, but you can also use this feature to add widgets directly onto your header - improving its performance as well.

Astra's Header Builder features a drag-and-drop tool to easily add columns, rows and other widgets to your header. This is an invaluable feature if you want to make your website more user friendly and professional looking.

In addition to these features, Astra's header builder offers several other ways you can personalize your website. These include:

Theme's Typography Options

Astra theme provides multiple typographic choices that will help you craft a unified brand image. Additionally, it supports different font sizes and colors for an eye-catching appearance.

The theme also allows you to customize the colors of your logo and background images, helping your website stand out from competitors and give it a distinctive appearance.

Customizing Astra's header layout and width, container width, sidebar layout, and more is a breeze. Doing so can help you create an eye-catching website that attracts more visitors and converts them into customers.

This theme boasts a responsive design, so you can create an eye-catching website that looks great on any device. Plus, its responsive slider will allow you to display your products or services in an eye-catching way.

Astra's support is ideal for beginners, offering numerous YouTube tutorials to guide you through the process of building your website. However, it's essential to note that Astra's free support is limited and you must upgrade to Astra Pro in order to access premium assistance.

Astra is a lightweight and speedy theme designed for optimal performance. At only a few kilobytes in size, it loads quickly with minimal requests - making it the ideal choice for small businesses and startups alike.

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It’s SEO-friendly

Astra is a lightweight and SEO-friendly WordPress theme suitable for many website types. It's ideal for eCommerce sites, niche or authority websites, brochures, and more. Its lightweight design helps ensure fast page load times, as it doesn't depend on jQuery to run interactive elements.

Furthermore, the website provides self-hosted Google fonts to reduce the amount of data downloaded from an external server.

Thus, your pages won't be difficult for crawlers to index, which in turn helps boost indexing rates. Furthermore, the theme uses clean code that adheres to best coding practices and is always up-to-date with the newest WordPress versions.

In addition, Astra provides helpful SEO features like schema markup for all of your webpages. Schema is a set of simple data snippets that make it simple for search engines to comprehend your content and display it more prominently on their results pages.

This theme is highly customizable, offering options for various blog designs and layouts. It includes free website templates that can be imported quickly with just a few clicks, plus it works great with various plugins.

Astra is the ideal theme for any type of business or organization, offering endless design possibilities and customizability to your exact specifications. Additionally, it's a white label theme, meaning you can use it to create websites without any branding on behalf of clients.

This theme is a go-to choice for many niche and authority site creators, offering an easy to customize lightweight WordPress theme that's compatible with numerous page builder plugins and optimized for search engine optimization (SEO).

Additionally, it boasts some impressive design elements as well. Astra is one of the most sought-after themes on the market, making it suitable for any kind of website.

It's fast and compatible with a range of page builders, allowing you to craft unique websites that stand out from competitors. This lightweight theme is suitable for any type of website and incredibly fast and customizable.

It's especially suitable for businesses that need to showcase their products or services quickly. Furthermore, it works great on websites focused on content delivery such as magazines or blogs.

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It’s easy to customize

The theme comes with a drag-and-drop page builder plugin that lets you alter your layout in real time. You can also customize sidebars, set fonts for different sections of your site, and enable breadcrumbs for easy navigation.

Another impressive aspect of Astra Theme Builder Review is its compatibility with popular page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder, making it simple to construct a website in just minutes.

Custom layouts offer another powerful feature, enabling you to design custom post and page styles that apply across your entire site. This capability lets you construct unique websites without needing code or special knowledge of web programming.

For agencies and freelancers who need to build white-label websites for their clients, this theme offers a great option. It comes complete with both a mini agency bundle and plugin for building starter sites, making it simple to provide full service packages to your clients.

Astra Theme Builder Review is also highly optimized, meaning it loads quickly. Pingdom and GTmetrix tested the theme and found its load times to be less than one second, which sets it apart from many other themes.

Astra's speed is largely due to its lack of jQuery, which can slow your page down through render-blocking. Furthermore, Astra's highly optimized code makes it lightweight and efficient.

It also utilizes Vanilla JavaScript for interactive elements, keeping your page's load time low and guaranteeing responsiveness. Furthermore, its self-hosted Google fonts eliminate the need to download these elements from an external server, further improving speed.

Astra is the perfect theme for WordPress sites of all types, such as business, blog, portfolio, biographies and WooCommerce storefronts.

With a large selection of pre-built demo designs available and one-on-one support if needed for use, Astra ensures your site runs smoothly and efficiently so clients are pleased.

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4. Hestia

hestia homepage

Hestia is a theme created with Material Design technology designed for one-page websites. Its drag-and-drop section system makes constructing your website effortless.

Its documentation is well organized, featuring screenshots for each step (a great thing!). Furthermore, there's a community of 3,000 users ready to answer your queries.

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Responsive design is the ability to display website content in a manner that looks great across all devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Having a responsive theme is important because it makes navigation and viewing your site much simpler for all visitors regardless of their device of choice.

Hestia is a fully responsive WordPress theme that supports both desktop and mobile devices, making it simple to update your site's design without needing coding expertise.

Plus, its Mega Menu gives you complete control over menu design and structure with full customization options available.

Hestia is compatible with two of the world's most popular page builders, Elementor and Divi. Furthermore, Hestia is WooCommerce ready, meaning you can quickly add a front page store and sell physical or digital products directly from your site.

Hestia stands out from its competitors with the front page sections, which offer a fast and effortless way to begin building your website. These sections allow you to craft an attractive, captivating front page in minutes using live editing capabilities.

These sections can be disabled or enabled at will, repositioned and reordered with ease via drag-and-drop. Furthermore, they come with page builder integration so you can combine content from whichever page builder suits your needs and customize the layout to perfection.

Hestia boasts an SEO-friendly site structure and is optimized for speed and compatibility with caching plugins. It also has a customizable home page which can display any kind of information desired.

Furthermore, Hestia supports WPML and Polylang translation plugins, enabling your site to be translated into various languages.

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The Hestia Theme Builder Review is a WordPress theme that offers numerous customization options and features. While it's primarily tailored towards creating single-page sites, it can also be utilized on multi-page websites.

It also boasts a host of useful features, such as front page sections that make creating an eye-catching yet effective front page quick and effortless. These sections can be enabled or disabled at will, with drag-and-drop ease within the Customizer.

Hestia Pro also features a live editing feature that lets you view your changes in real-time. This makes creating an attractive front page without dedicating hours to it much easier, especially if you have limited time available for work.

Hestia Pro offers extensive customization capabilities, such as Hestia Pro Hooks - which allow users to add HTML, javascript, PHP code or shortcodes on various parts of their theme. Hestia Pro can even display your website's products on the front page if you're selling them.

This is an effective way to draw in visitors and highlight specific items in your store, plus it's compatible with WooCommerce too. Finally, Hestia Pro offers various layouts for pages and posts that are optimized for mobile devices and other screen sizes.

You can select between a standard grid layout or list layout, with the ability to customize its color, text and other details. Hestia Pro is an impressive WordPress theme designed to assist users in creating stunning, modern websites for their businesses and brands.

It boasts an impressive set of features and customization options, making it one of the most sought-after themes available on the market.

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Hestia Pro is a fully customizable theme that gives you complete control over fonts, colors and animations. With this theme, you can make your website stand out and entice visitors to stay longer. Hestia's customizations are user-friendly and don't necessitate much coding expertise.

Therefore, even beginners will have no difficulty learning how to utilize Hestia and set up their website with no problem.

To start, customize your homepage's general layout using Hestia's boxed and full-width options for sections.

Furthermore, you can choose a background image to be featured on the top section as well. You can use a search bar to help visitors navigate around your site.

To enable it, select "Display a top menu" in Hestia theme's settings. Additionally, you can customize the color of your main menu.

Choose a different hue for each menu item to perfectly match your site's look and feel. Finally, you have complete control over your logo and header style.

You can even modify the text within each header so it's easier to identify future logos for your business. Hestia's front page sections offer an effective way to make your site stand out from competitors.

With real-time reordering and editing capabilities, creating an eye-catching front page has never been simpler!

Hestia also provides seamless compatibility with WooCommerce, so you can showcase a selection of your products on your front page.

Furthermore, Hestia includes various sections to enable customization of both appearance and function of your shop.

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Hestia Pro's documentation is an invaluable asset to those new to WordPress and web design. Its explanations are straightforward yet well-written, often featuring images or animated GIFs as visual aids. Furthermore, each theme item features a comprehensive guide.

Hestia is optimized for search engine visibility, making it easy for search engine crawlers to index your website and give it higher rankings in their listings.

Customize the homepage of your theme by choosing either a boxed layout or full-width one for sections on the front page, selecting an attractive header image and background image to set up your home page.

Furthermore, you have unlimited slides available within each content block for easy showcasing of services or features. Hestia offers extensive customization options, as well as seamless compatibility with WooCommerce.

This means you can personalize your shop's layout and showcase a selection of products on your homepage. Moreover, you can create multiple product pages and opt to display either a limited number of items or enable infinite scroll pagination.

Hestia and ThemeIsle also provide a white label option, allowing you to remove all references to Hestia and ThemeIsle from your site's UI. This is useful if you are using the theme for a client and would prefer their company name rather than Hestia and ThemeIsle's.

The theme also provides a few demos you can import into your website. While they may not be as comprehensive as some other options, they still give an impressive insight into what Hestia can do for your site. You'll need to do some editing on these demos but it shouldn't be a major task.

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Hestia is a free theme developed by ThemeIsle with over 100,000 active installations and an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars (based on user reviews). It's one of the most sought-after themes available on the WordPress marketplace.

Hestia Pro makes website creation a breeze with its drag-and-drop section system, which enables customization in real time. Plus, you have the freedom to add new sections, hide them or adjust their order with ease.

Hestia's live customizer makes it simple to manage the colors and background of your site, as well as alter fonts and logos.

Plus, Hestia's responsive design ensures your website looks fantastic on mobile devices. Hestia can even help you create a landing page to sell your services.

The Hestia Pro landing page section allows for the presentation of a slider, video, testimonials, recent blog posts and contact information.

The theme also provides a pricing section, allowing you to display your packages and prices in an organized table. This feature is especially beneficial for e-commerce websites.

Hestia Pro is also compatible with Gutenberg, WordPress's new content editor. This makes it a great advantage as it allows you to display different types of pages within one website.

Furthermore, Hestia Pro boasts a Portfolio section where you can showcase your work in an organized grid format. Hestia Pro plans come in two varieties, Personal and Agency.

The former is ideal for small businesses that only require website management services, while the latter caters to agencies or designers creating sites on behalf of their clients. With either plan, you get priority support and Live chat - essential if managing more than three sites simultaneously.

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