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The 15+ Best Web Hosting Software Of 2024 - Ranked And Reviewed

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Web hosting services come in a range of packages designed to meet your individual needs and help your site develop. Some are suitable for larger companies while others cater to smaller enterprises.

It's essential that you understand the differences so you can make an informed decision for your website's future success. Shared hosting is the cheapest and most common type of web hosting service.

In this setup, a server is shared between multiple users and all their websites. While keeping costs down, shared hosting does have some drawbacks; most notably, your site may experience performance issues if other websites on the same server experience an increase in traffic.

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VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, but it offers much greater advantages for your business. It allows your website to scale as your company expands and gives you access to more resources like a faster CPU or extra disk space.

Reseller web hosting is a type of hosting in which you can utilize an exclusive control panel to manage and resell premium hosting services. This can be an ideal option for those seeking extra income from their website.

It is wise to select a web host with an accessible customer support team that provides assistance 24/7 in various ways, such as email, phone calls and live chats. This ensures your needs are met promptly and efficiently.

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Dedicated hosting

Dedicated web hosting is an increasingly popular option for businesses that have high demands and require a secure server environment.

The advantages of dedicated hosting include increased security, more specialized features and the freedom to customize your server according to specific specifications.

The downside of dedicated hosting is the time and resources it requires for maintenance and updates on your server. If this process doesn't appeal to you, shared hosting might be more suitable.

There are two primary types of hosting: managed and unmanaged. Although managed hosting tends to be more expensive than unmanaged, if you need 24/7 accessibility for your website, then investing in managed hosting could be worth the investment.

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Unmanaged & Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is the ideal solution for businesses with multiple websites or an online store. Unlike unmanaged hosting, managed hosting takes care of all server management duties on your behalf, making it more convenient and stress-free for you and your team.

It also features an intuitive control panel that saves you time when managing your website. This is especially helpful for small sites with limited technical know-how and limited resources.

Furthermore, most reliable web hosting providers provide a selection of marketing tools to help you better design for, understand and attract new visitors to your website.

These instruments may also generate leads or monitor sales data so that you can optimize its performance while keeping your business growing.

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Domain Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting

Domain Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting

When hosting your website, you must choose a web hosting service. Options range from shared to dedicated hosting - so it's essential that you consider what best meets your requirements before selecting the ideal option.

Traditional hosting consists of a server that stores all your site's data on one machine. This type of hosting is the most common and ideal for personal websites or small businesses. If your online presence requires more resources, cloud hosting could be the ideal solution.

Not only does it provide increased dependability and scalability, but it also offers superior security. Cloud hosting utilizes multiple computers that act as one centralized server, which can be distributed across different data centers for improved performance and redundancy.

Cloud hosting allows you to access your server remotely, making content management much simpler. It's the ideal solution for sites requiring plenty of bandwidth and processing power.

Scalability is also built-in, so as your business expands or contracts, you can add on extra resources with ease.

Some cloud hosting providers even provide automatic backups to help restore your site if something goes awry. While these features can make the experience of cloud hosting more convenient, be sure to read customer reviews before making a final decision on a service.

Cloud hosting for your website offers you the benefit of cost savings while still receiving a dependable service. It's more cost-effective than dedicated hosting, and you have the flexibility to scale up or down when additional storage, processing power or bandwidth is needed.

Costs will depend on your hosting provider and the resources you require, but some providers offer introductory deals that might interest you.

These can often start as low as $3/month, with some even providing a free trial before committing to a long-term deal. Cloud solutions are becoming more and more commonplace in enterprise.

Not only do they offer great convenience, but also superior security that reduces the strain on your web server.

They're an ideal option for businesses without a dedicated IT staff, as they provide remote monitoring, automatic updates and other features that enhance your company's efficiency.

Cloud solutions offer the greatest scalability. They are capable of handling high traffic and DDoS attacks while guaranteeing your site remains up and running at all times.Cloud hosting has many other advantages as well.

It boasts excellent uptime and provides a range of tools to assist with managing your cloud server. Cloud servers allow you to create a virtual network for your site, increasing its uptime compared to traditional hosting.

A load balancer also helps spread traffic among multiple servers so that everything runs smoothly on one machine. Cloud hosting is an ideal solution for sites that frequently update content or add new elements. It also works great for businesses with seasonal or fluctuating traffic levels.

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Essential Web Hosting Features

Hosting is one of the most essential requirements for a website. It allows your site to go live and be seen by thousands of people every day.

Disk space to store files, pictures, and videos securely is provided with this package. Additionally, it includes essential services like security, backups, and uptime support.

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Backups are an essential element of data protection, information lifecycle management, business continuity, and cybersecurity. Without them, individuals and companies could potentially lose vital files that would cause irreparable harm to their businesses or personal lives.

Backup solutions range from hardware appliances that store backups, to software-based storage options and cloud-based services. Appliances typically offer a preconfigured, fully integrated platform for storing data copies and can also process aspects like data deduplication which reduces space needed to store backups.

Enterprises typically back up essential databases and related line-of-business applications to dedicated disk appliances that oversee the backup process.

They also utilize software to enforce policies regarding how often specific data should be backed up, how many copies are made, and where those backups are stored.

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Scalability is the ability of an organization, system, process, or software to handle increased workloads. This capacity is essential for any business looking to expand operations and become profitable.

For instance, a scalable network management solution can easily scale with the expansion of a company's network. This helps them manage data and resources more effectively.

However, it's essential to remember that not all scalable solutions are created equal. Furthermore, a system's capacity may be affected by the amount of work it handles and its location.

Scalability in the IT industry can be defined as the capacity to expand features without impacting existing functionality or performance levels. This may be achieved by adding more storage space, granting more users access, or altering the operating system.

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When selecting a web host, it is essential to take into account the security features they offer. Your website's safety depends on how well-run and reliable your hosting service is.

Basic security tools may be sufficient for blogs or small businesses, however, if your website engages in transactions or contains sensitive information you should invest in more advanced protection measures.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is one of the most reliable and popular web hosting security measures available. This shields your website from hackers trying to intercept data as it travels across the Internet.

Another essential security measure is the use of Secure Socket Shell (SSH) access to servers. This enables remote login and management of the machine. Furthermore, most hosts provide you with the ability to modify user permissions.

Doing so allows you to limit who can access your account and protect yourself against malicious attacks. Furthermore, make sure you regularly change your password to deter attackers from breaking in.

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Web hosting is the process of storing and serving websites on a server. It entails several features that can make all the difference in your site's success or failure. When selecting a hosting service, one of the most essential considerations should be its design.

It must be user-friendly and offer all of the features necessary for successful website creation. Some hosts provide a control panel, enabling you to manage server processes from an easy-to-use interface.

They may also include pre installed applications like content management systems (CMSs), ecommerce tools, and social media sharing widgets. All these features are beneficial to your business, so it's best to select a host that provides the optimal combination.

Doing so ensures your website will remain online for years to come. A reliable web hosting company should offer high uptime guarantees, security and privacy settings, as well as website design and marketing tools.

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1. SiteGround


SiteGround has been around for many years and boasts an excellent reputation when it comes to speed, security, and customer support.

It is an ideal solution for e-commerce websites. It provides a free Cloudflare CDN and complimentary SSL certificates on all plans.

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Web hosting services provide a range of features to assist in building and running your website. Furthermore, they offer security and support that can make all the difference when it comes to the performance, dependability, and integrity of your site.

Many people prioritize speed when selecting a web host, which is why SiteGround provides several excellent tools to guarantee your website loads quickly. They use SSD storage, premium CDNs, and other advanced technologies for improved website loading times.

This is especially helpful for ecommerce sites, as downtime can cause customers to abandon their shopping carts and potentially lose revenue. To combat these issues, SiteGround provides a 24/7 support team as well as instant phone and chat support.

The company offers a comprehensive knowledge base, pre-recorded webinars, and tutorials to help you better comprehend its hosting technologies.

This is especially advantageous for small businesses that have limited staff but need to learn how to navigate their hosting properly.

WordPress users can take advantage of SiteGround's one-click installs and automatic updates with SiteGround, too. They may even set up staging environments to test out changes to their websites before going live in production mode.

All shared plans come with complimentary SSL certificates, an encryption protocol that safeguards your website against third-party access to data sent or received.

These are essential for online businesses and are included at no extra cost; no need to purchase them separately.

Another key benefit for business owners is siteground's 30-day money-back guarantee for new customers. Unlike many other hosts, they will refund the full amount of your first month's payment if you cancel within that period.

SiteGround also provides free PCI compliance and Cloudflare CDN to enhance your website's performance. Moreover, it has free malware and security scans as well as daily backups for added peace of mind.

If you need a hosting provider that can handle high volumes of traffic and multiple websites, SiteGround is an ideal option. They offer various options to help scale your business as needed, such as dedicated and virtual servers.

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One of the most crucial elements for any website is security. Without adequate protection, hackers could potentially access personal information like IP addresses or credit card numbers sent back and forth between visitors' devices.

Site Grounds web hosting services offer a suite of security measures to protect your website against attacks. These include hosting account isolation, AI anti-bot systems, regularly updated firewall rules, and free daily backups.

SiteGround offers its users a selection of server locations around the world, with data centers located in the US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Singapore.

The company is also renowned for its speed, which should be taken into account when selecting a hosting service. If your website takes too long to load, people are more likely to leave and your bounce rate will be higher.

Furthermore, they have a dedicated cybersecurity team that monitors the entire network for vulnerabilities. Furthermore, they use server hardening, in-house Linux malware detection, and more to keep your site secure.

For added protection, Site Ground offers two-factor authentication for added login protection. It uses Google Authenticator to generate tokens that must be provided to the user before they can log in.

Another way to safeguard your website is by installing SSL certificates. These certificates help guard against phishing and other scams while improving search engine rankings as well.

SiteGround's WordPress hosting plans come with a range of security measures, such as weekly malware and security scans and free daily backups.

These are ideal for small or medium businesses that need to keep their data safe without breaking the bank with expensive security measures.

SiteGround stands out among other web hosting providers by including free SSL and daily backups with all plans. This makes SiteGround an attractive option for new customers, providing them with peace of mind that their data is secure.

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Pricing and Rating

pricing and ratings

SiteGround offers a range of plans to suit different budgets and needs. Shared hosting starts at just $2.99 per month, but for those seeking more advanced features such as dedicated resources and unlimited storage, SiteGround has it all covered.

SiteGround shared hosting plans come with a complimentary SSL certificate, ensuring all data transmitted to and from your website is encrypted. Furthermore, they offer CDN services and other features designed to enhance your website's speed.

The pricing plans offered by this company may not be the most budget-friendly, but they provide great value for the money. The only downside is that some plans only provide 10 GB of disk space - which could prove problematic if you have large images or many videos to store.

SiteGround is an ideal option for those who need their websites online quickly and affordably. Signing up is simple, plus they have a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out before making any commitments.

SiteGround offers a range of shared plans, cloud and reseller hosting as well as dedicated server options. The latter is ideal for larger businesses or organizations, capable of handling thousands of visitors each month without any downtime.

If you need to host multiple websites or an e-commerce store that frequently changes, SiteGround's GoGeek plan is an ideal choice. While it's more expensive than its GrowBig and GrowBig Plus plans, this option provides more resources to handle high traffic volumes.Another fantastic benefit of this plan is the free daily backup included.

Most other hosts only backup your website once every week or so, but with SiteGround's Daily Backup feature you can be certain any changes made within 24 hours will be saved. SiteGround utilizes live human monitoring and other security tools to safeguard your website against attacks.

This helps reduce the number of hacks and malware attacks; in fact, the company reports that anywhere from 500,000 to two million brute force attempts are blocked on its servers each hour.

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Siteground is one of the most reliable web hosting services available today. They boast some of the highest uptime rates in the industry and have an incredibly responsive customer service team that can assist you with any issue that may arise.

They offer excellent security features to shield your website from hackers and other risks. For instance, their real-time monitoring system checks server status every 0.5 seconds, and they have a custom web application firewall that adds new rules regularly to ensure your site remains free from attacks.

Additionally, they employ an AI anti-bot system designed to block millions of brute force attacks daily - something most other hosts do not offer.

Additionally, they provide excellent customer support with a live chat channel, phone support, and an extensive knowledge base that is actively monitored. This is especially valuable for small businesses needing assistance with their websites.

If you're searching for a new host, Siteground offers an attractive introductory price and a money-back guarantee. If you don't like their service within 30 days of signing up, Siteground will refund all of your money.

Another advantage of choosing Siteground is their wide array of plans to suit any requirement. They provide shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and WordPress hosting - plus you can get free domains with certain packages!

They boast an expansive network of servers located around the world that can guarantee fast website loading times. Their SSD drives and various caching tools further accelerate your site's speed for even greater benefits.

This is an ideal feature for ecommerce sites that need to load quickly. They also have a CDN that stores your website's images in various locations around the world, making it faster for customers to view them.

Additionally, they utilize the most up-to-date technology and software optimizations to boost their customers' website performance. This includes PHP versions 7.0 and later, HTTP/2/QUIC support, TLS 1.3 support, as well as OCSP Stapling support.

They provide a free daily backup that will restore your website from its last backup within 24 hours of making changes, something most other hosts don't offer. This makes them an ideal option for people who make frequent edits to their websites.

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2. G-Core Labs


G-Core Labs is a cloud provider with numerous features and pricing plans. It's an ideal option for any business seeking reliable performance at competitive costs.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) are two features offered by this provider. The former is ideal for companies needing high-performance computing or working with big data sets.

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G-Core Labs cloud platform offers a host of features designed to assist online businesses in scaling up their resources.

These include virtual machines (VMs), load balancers, and CDN servers - all suitable for hosting web pages, applications, and data.

Furthermore, you have a range of storage types to choose from, including object storage and S3-compatible options. Plus, creating snapshots of your server resources can expedite scaling up workloads more quickly.

G-Core Labs also provides a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize your cloud deployments. These include direct connections, containers, and pre-made functions for describing applications' business logic.

Deploying and managing clusters and applications with this tool is a breeze. Furthermore, it keeps your infrastructure up to date so you can access all resources when needed.

G-Core Labs' Cloud is accessible around the world, so you can scale up or down your resource requirements quickly and without any hassle.

This is particularly handy if demand spikes occur during a sale or you need to launch a new online product. The company also offers a robust Content Delivery Network (CDN), which allows you to distribute your content globally and accelerate the loading time of all web pages and applications.

Furthermore, server-side caching can be enabled, which will deliver frequently visited content directly from CDN cache servers to end-users.

G-Core Labs has quickly made a name for itself as an authoritative cloud hosting and CDN services provider, earning them platinum status in Dell Technologies Partner Program's Cloud Computing Competency Assessment.

Their impressive credentials demonstrate their high level of competence within this space. G-Core Labs not only offers a powerful CDN, but they also provide a user-friendly control panel with features like turning on/off the CDN for your website or application, clearing cache, and disabling unnecessary functions - making it simple even for inexperienced users to utilize.

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Pricing and Ratings

G-Core Labs

G-Core Labs provides cloud hosting services at an unbeatable price with scalable resources and advanced features. Furthermore, its pricing policy is transparent so customers always know exactly what they're paying for.

Cloud infrastructure from Avast, Wargaming, Metro Cash & Carry, Sandbox Interactive, and TradingView is widely trusted by major companies across North America, Asia, and Europe.

It can accommodate businesses of any size - from finance and fintech to retail, media business gaming, and SaaS applications - making it suitable for businesses of all types.

Some notable customers include Avast Wargaming Metro Cash & Carry Sandbox Interactive TradingView and more.

The platform is highly scalable and offers more storage with each plan upgrade, so it can quickly handle sudden spikes in traffic or file size requirements without triggering overages. Furthermore, load balancing helps enhance server cluster efficiency.

G-Core Labs takes your security seriously, employing a cloud firewall to block web traffic from both incoming and outgoing connections. Additionally, its secret management features allow you to upload PKCS12 files and add HTTPS listeners to your load balancers for extra protection.

G-Core Labs' service infrastructure is powered by Dell servers, an esteemed hardware provider. This enables them to offer high-performance cloud hosting services that adhere to GDPR.

As a result, it provides unparalleled performance and speed across all its data centers. Furthermore, its edge network is powerful enough to deliver content faster to end users worldwide.

Furthermore, its hardware and cloud infrastructure is compatible with the Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) encryption standard, providing enhanced data security and guaranteeing that the company meets industry-leading encryption requirements.

Furthermore, its high-performance CDN accelerates page loading speed for websites and applications running on its platform. G-Core Labs also provides an easy-to-use portal that enables users to monitor their bandwidth and other resources daily.

This makes it simple for them to manage their budgets and choose the plan best suited to their requirements.

G-Core Labs' global network consists of 90+ points of presence located in reliable Tier IV and Tier III data centers, making it the largest and most robust network worldwide with superior CDN productivity rates across Europe, North America, and Russia.

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G-Core Labs takes its customers' security seriously, offering a range of security solutions to safeguard websites and applications against malicious attacks.

These include web application firewalls (WAF), DNS, and load balancers, as well as SSL encryption. The company has built a global network infrastructure spanning all continents.

Its points of presence (PoPs) are situated in Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers around the world, designed to deliver fast and consistent content delivery for clients while guaranteeing high performance and availability at all times.

Cloud hosting from CloudHost utilizes an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model with features that let you scale your server resources quickly and effortlessly.

This includes fast automatic scaling, load balancers, system backup, and data disaster recovery as well as resource management by distributing them among cost centers.

For instance, you can create a virtual cloud network where private clusters are created for computations or isolation of certain applications. Doing this makes it simpler to meet local data compliance regulations and legislation.

One of the best ways to protect your online business is by utilizing a reliable cloud content delivery network (CDN). G-Core Labs' CDN has been widely recognized for its superior performance, boasting an average cloud response time of less than 30ms.

Furthermore, this CDN offers you a comprehensive selection of server-side caching options to expedite content delivery to end users. You can adjust this caching based on file extensions, cookies, query strings, or even individual URLs.

Additionally, it provides advanced security options, flexible settings, and an access control panel. The CDN comes in various plans with a free option that lets you test its performance with 28 points of presence and 1 TB of traffic for 28 days.

The company's WAF is an advanced and feature-packed solution that utilizes the best hardware and software configurations with a range of features to safeguard websites and applications across industries, from banking to ad networks, media outlets, and online stores.

It also detects bot queries and blocks them for added protection against potential threats to your data, systems, and network.

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Customer Support

G-Core Labs provides a comprehensive set of customer support services to maximize your cloud hosting experience.

This includes 24/7 ticketing, live chat, email, and phone assistance as well as an intuitive control panel and advanced analytics section that allow you to monitor content delivery performance and make necessary adjustments accordingly.

Additionally, you can obtain comprehensive reports that provide insight into how your website or app performs in real time across various browsers and operating systems.

With this data, you can make more informed content decisions and plan future strategies for your business.G-Core Labs CDN is an efficient platform that can quickly, securely, and dependably deliver your content worldwide.

It supports protocols like HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, IPv6, HESP, and HLS for maximum efficiency and security.It uses a load-balancing system to distribute traffic among multiple servers, keeping the network online.

This guarantees your website and apps remain accessible at all times and delivers high-quality content to users worldwide.

G-Core Labs CDN offers free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt for enhanced security, plus they provide SSL encryption at both the transport and network layer by default, as well as origin validation to safeguard against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Furthermore, they provide flexible access policies by IP address and country so only trusted users access your content. This helps shield against malware and phishing attacks from reaching your website or app.

G-Core Labs is widely regarded as a top choice for hosting websites and apps. In addition, they provide features like protection against DDoS attacks and access to their peering network. They are renowned for their fast and reliable cloud hosting.

With a goal of 100% uptime and consistent load balance, you can rest assured that your websites or applications will always have an accessible server.

G-Core Labs is a leader in global IT infrastructure, boasting one of the world's most reliable networks with 150+ points of presence across more than 130 cities on five continents.

This enables them to scale their network for increased demand while still upholding the highest levels of security.

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3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a web hosting software with competitive prices and plenty of powerful features. Plus, its user-friendly cPanel control panel makes for effortless management.

A2 Hosting supports a range of development technologies and frameworks, such as PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, and Drupal. Furthermore, they provide free SSL certificates.

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A2 Hosting provides a robust selection of features that make it the perfect solution for developers seeking to build and host websites in the cloud. This includes dedicated server plans, managed WordPress hosting, and WooCommerce hosting plans.

Furthermore, A2 Hosting has numerous add-ons and customizable options so you can tailor your hosting plan according to specific requirements. A2's servers are optimized for quick page loads and high performance.

They're located in data centers around the world, including Amsterdam, Singapore, and Michigan (home to its founder Ann Arbour).The company's servers run LiteSpeed, a faster web server technology than Apache and capable of effective caching at the server level.

This is especially beneficial for companies with high-traffic sites as page load times can significantly impact conversion rates and SEO rankings. All A2 shared hosting plans come with a complimentary SSL certificate to protect your website and connections from hackers.

Plus, they provide 24/7 support through ticketing, live chat, and phone to help you resolve issues as they arise. Another useful feature is a pre-installed cPanel plugin that automatically installs applications like WordPress and Drupal.

This saves time for you and reduces the number of steps needed to set up your hosting account.A2's Turbo Shared Hosting packages boast SwiftServer, an optimized server platform that's up to twenty times faster than basic hosting plans.

This technology is also employed on the company's dedicated servers and reseller plans.Choose from five plans with unlimited storage, data transfer, and emails.

Each package also comes with a complimentary SSL certificate, cPanel, and two CPU cores. A2 Hosting's Turbo Servers are ideal for high-traffic sites requiring high bandwidth and memory capacity, as well as those with large databases or complex CMSs.

A2 Hosting's control panel is user-friendly and equipped with all the essential tools for launching a successful website. Furthermore, they provide extensive knowledge base as well as access to their Guru Crew for answering queries promptly.

A2 Hosting offers an anytime money-back guarantee, allowing you to cancel your account without penalty if you're not satisfied with the service.

Plus, after 30 days you can get a prorated refund for unused services; just remember to wait 5 -10 days for it to appear on your bank or credit card statement.

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A2 Hosting provides a suite of features designed to protect your website against cybersecurity risks. These include free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, regular site backups, and 24/7 user support.

SSL certificates encrypt communication between web browsers and servers, making data more secure. They also guard against phishing attacks, malware attacks, and other online dangers.

A2 Hosting provides additional features to safeguard your websites such as 24/7 network monitoring, distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, and daily kernel updates.

Another essential security measure is a firewall, which can guard against unauthorized access to your website and server. This is especially crucial if you run an ecommerce business.

A2 Hosting provides a comprehensive suite of e-commerce tools to help you set up your online stores, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, Magento, and PrestaShop.

Each platform can be installed quickly with just one click while an integrated shopping cart solution allows for the sale of products directly from your website.

As with many other web hosts, A2 Hosting offers a suite of features designed to protect your website from malicious attacks. These include free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates, an intuitive cPanel control panel, and regular backups.

They provide a wealth of e-commerce tools and developer-friendly features, so you can quickly and easily construct an attractive website or blog.

Furthermore, the company strives to reduce its carbon footprint by offering green hosting options and discounts for non-profit organizations.

Overall, A2 Hosting's security measures and uptime guarantees are impressive, and their customer support is top-notch. Plus, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try out their services before committing to an extended plan.

A2 Hosting is a reliable and affordable host that provides various options to suit different websites. They provide shared VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting plans.

For optimal security, A2 Hosting recommends using SSL and keeping your password strong. It also suggests restricting access to your server from outsiders by limiting how many domains can connect to it.

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Pricing and Ratings

pricing and ratings

A2 Hosting provides a selection of web hosting plans to suit different requirements, including shared, VPS, dedicated, and reseller options. Plus it has plenty of free add-ons available for customizing your website.

A2's pricing is competitive, starting at just $2.99 per month. Plus, A2 offers an unbeatable any-time money-back guarantee - a unique feature among hosting companies. You can get your full refund within 30 days and prorated refunds after that.

A2 Hosting's primary website management interface is cPanel, which offers functionality and convenience. Unfortunately, its outdated design doesn't make for a particularly eye-catching appearance.

A2 Hosting also provides dedicated servers in addition to shared and VPS plans, which are ideal for websites with high volumes of traffic. These dedicated servers give you full control over the server machine and website management - though they come at a heftier cost than shared or VPS options.

A2 Hosting also provides semi-dedicated hosting plans, giving you the power of a dedicated server without having to manage it yourself. These servers are ideal for small and medium businesses, ecommerce sites, and bloggers.

A2 Hosting provides three dedicated server options, both unmanaged and managed. Both options are ideal for developers who know exactly what they need from a dedicated server and don't need technical support.

Dedicated servers come equipped with a range of resources, such as RAM, storage, and CPU power. All these have been engineered to give your website maximum performance.

Although dedicated servers are more expensive than shared or VPS hosting, A2 Hosting's most powerful and feature-rich hosting options are worth every penny.

They're perfect for ecommerce stores and websites with high volumes of traffic.A2's dedicated servers also come equipped with a variety of security measures, such as dual hosting firewalls and free hacking protection.

These measures help prevent denial-of-service attacks (DOMAs) and other malware threats that could take up your server's bandwidth.

A2's customer support team is accessible 24/7 via phone and live chat, plus they have an extensive knowledge base to answer all of your hosting queries.

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A2 Hosting uses several advanced technologies to accelerate your website. These include fast drives and LiteSpeed cache.

Furthermore, they utilize Cloudflare CDN to store larger files on separate servers to reduce loading time.A2 offers a selection of shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress web hosting plans designed for websites of all sizes.

No matter what your requirements are - A2 has the perfect plan!Dedicated web hosting is an ideal solution for large websites or businesses that need extra resources to handle heavy traffic.

These hosting solutions give you full control over the server and settings for your website; root administrative privileges on a Linux operating system of your choice; as well as large resource (storage, data transfer, RAM, CPU cores) allocations.

On A2's Turbo plans, your site can load even faster than it would on a shared plan with HTTP/3 and QUIC support - faster internet transport protocols that deliver files up to 30% faster than HTTP. With these enhanced speeds, your website will load even faster than on a shared plan!

A2 Hosting also provides an intuitive cPanel control panel to make website management a breeze. With it, you can create backups, monitor website statistics, and easily handle email accounts too!

All A2 Hosting plans offer unlimited email accounts. However, the company may charge a migration fee if you require more than 25 accounts.

PHP Versions: You have two choices of PHP versions: PHP 7.2 or the most up-to-date version of PHP 8. The latter, which can serve more requests per second, will deliver your website faster.

Dedicated Server Plans: A2 Hosting offers several dedicated server plans with varying levels of resources. All plans come with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a complimentary SSL certificate.

You can customize your plan with a range of features, such as the option to install additional software. Doing so will maximize your hosting experience and boost the performance of your site.

A2 Hosting's shared web hosting plans are an ideal choice for personal or small business websites. They offer competitive prices, superior customer support, and top-tier servers.

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