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The 15 Best AI Writing Tools for Content Creators

The 15 Best AI Writing Tools

Increasingly the use of AI is now becoming more popular. From blogger to marketing writer and student, AI content writing tools become crucial tools for content creators.

Today we will explore 10+ AI writing software tools available today in 2023 that will help you become more productive and effective at your gig. 

Of course, it would be nice if we could read 10+ different software rather quickly, so this list is my top seven according to content types and each section will be extra short just for you. So without further ado, Let's Get Started!

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The 15 Best AI Writing Tools of 2023

As a copywriter, content writer or blogger, the quality of your work is essential. It takes time and dedication to perfect and rewrites all writing materials.

Thankfully, some AI writing tools can save time and enhance the quality of your work. These 20 top ai writing tools of 2023 will surely come in handy for all content creators!

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article forge

Article Forge

Article Forge is an AI writer that utilizes machine learning to craft Super Long Content. This AI has been trained to craft SEO-friendly material quickly and efficiently.

Read Review β†’

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Jasper is an impressive AI writing tool that can help you craft high-quality content in a fraction of the time.

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Anyword is an impressive AI writing platform that can quickly generate high-quality copy on demand.

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1. Article Forge (Long-Form Content In Just 60 Seconds!)

article forge screenshot

As a copywriter, content writer or blogger, the quality of your work is essential. It takes time and dedication to perfect and rewrites all writing materials.

wThankfully, some AI writing tools can save time and enhance the quality of your work. These 20 top ai writing tools of 2023 will surely come in handy for all content creators!

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It's Integrations

Article Forge is an indispensable tool for those needing to craft SEO-optimized articles quickly and efficiently. Unlike other AI writing applications, it doesn't rely on GPT-3 but instead utilizes machine learning models in combination with rapid content production - all within seconds!

Additionally, it provides several customization options like replacing text with links and adding images. These features help boost search engine rankings and drive traffic.

Furthermore, the software can be utilized by digital marketing agencies, freelancers, bloggers, virtual assistants, and small business owners alike.

Though it's an invaluable tool, it will never replace a human writer and editor. On the contrary, it can save you valuable time and money - which are invaluable assets for any business owner or professional.

It usually creates an article in less than 60 seconds, and you have the freedom to make adjustments later if desired. Furthermore, the software can be programmed to automatically generate subheadings and key phrases for you.

You can use it to craft articles on various topics and lengths. Depending on the subject matter, you may end up with articles as short as 50 words or long as 1,500.

The primary advantage of AI for creating articles is its speedy output. However, it should still be used with caution as there are some drawbacks to consider. To maximize the power of this system, you'll need to set up several basic parameters.

These include your target keyword, sub-keywords and what direction you wish for the article to take. Once everything is set up, just click Generate and Article Forge will take care of the rest.

You have full control over what happens next - edit, fact-check the article as necessary, publish it to your website or schedule it for future publication.

Alternatively, you can connect your WordPress account to Article Forge and have it automatically rewrite existing posts or schedule content for a WordPress blog.

Doing this simplifies ranking efforts while eliminating the need to re-create content with each new post.

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It's Features

Article Forge AI Writer is an AI-powered content writing software that creates unique articles based on keywords and research information.

It can even rewrite existing website or information pages to make them more search engine friendly, making it ideal for SEO copywriters seeking an economical way to produce regular content.

It can generate up to 1,500 words of content per minute and offers a free trial period that allows you to try it out for five days prior to paying. If you don't like it, they offer a money-back guarantee as well as customer support via email or live chat.

The software is user-friendly, but you may need some training in order to get the best results.

When entering keywords and subkeywords into Article Forge, make sure they are entered accurately; otherwise, articles generated might not be pertinent to your keyword - leading to issues with Google rankings.

You have the option to include images and videos in your articles, which will boost Google SEO. Furthermore, inserting external links within content may increase traffic and revenue for you.

Article Forge offers several integrations, such as SEO Autopilot, WordAI and RankerX. These tools enable you to find web 2.0 platforms that you can link from your articles. With these integrations, Google will recognize backlinks created through Article Forge automatically.

In addition, it integrates with WordPress and allows you to schedule and publish your AI-generated content. Furthermore, it has several additional features like an image rewriter and the capacity to automatically replace keywords with links.

Although software can assist in speeding up your writing process, it won't replace a full-time writer and editor. Ultimately, the quality of content produced by humans is more important than whether or not it was written by an automated system.

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It's Pricing

Article Forge is a web-based AI content writing tool that assists with crafting SEO-optimized articles. It boasts features like adding images, videos and external links as well as integrations with other programs like WordPress post scheduler and SEO Autopilot.

The company offers two pricing plans, the monthly plan and annual plan. The monthly plan starts at $27 per month for 250k words, while the annual plan goes up to $247.

Additionally, there is a business account available which allows users to create up to 500,000 words each month. Article Forge offers a free trial period to try it out before you decide whether or not to purchase.

However, in order to access the software, you'll need your credit card or PayPal information. If you aren't satisfied with the results, simply cancel your subscription at no cost and won't be charged anything.

Though AI writers' quality can vary, the good news is that they usually produce readable and relevant articles which pass Copyscape with zero duplicate content.

Furthermore, these machines work quickly so you can generate many articles quickly. When working with an AI writer, it's essential to guarantee the articles generated are related to the keywords you provide.

Otherwise, your generated material could cover a completely different subject or contain inaccurate data. If you're searching for an AI writer that produces high-quality articles and has an impressive support center, Article Forge might be worth considering.

It boasts both a customer support center and community forum where users can get assistance from one another. This plan offers a 5-day free trial and is offered in both monthly and annual plans.

Furthermore, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.While not as feature-rich as SEO Content Machine (read our SEO Content Machine review), Content Creator Pro offers an affordable alternative and you can get up to ten free articles if you opt for the basic plan.

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Final Words

Article Forge is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) writer that automates the process of creating long-form content. It employs deep understanding algorithms to research and craft articles that are pertinent and make sense.

Small business owners looking to boost their SEO, drive more traffic and convert more customers will find this platform an invaluable asset. Not only is it user-friendly, but its features can be tailored according to individual requirements.

This software utilizes artificial intelligence to generate articles based on keywords you supply. Additionally, it offers five article length settings as well as the option to include custom subheadings and keywords.

Within 60 seconds, this intelligent bot researches, plans out, and writes an entire high quality article with unique content. With its business account you can generate up to 500,000 words each month and benefit from a dedicated account manager.

Although it can be an effective method for quickly creating content, there are some drawbacks. It often produces articles that lack relevance to the keyword entered and may include inaccurate data.

When using it, be sure to include sufficient sub-keywords so that the system produces quality content. Without enough keywords, however, it may produce articles unrelated to your main keyword.

Article Forge not only offers an AI tool, but they also have a blog with tips, SEO strategies and news about the program. Although this could be better integrated into their help center, there is plenty of useful content for new users.

Sign up for a 5-day free trial to test out the software and evaluate its features. Afterwards, you can cancel your subscription at no cost and get a refund.

Article Forge is an invaluable tool for content marketers who need to generate large volumes of material without compromising quality.

And I Recommend as this tool has allowed me to generate 20,000+ word articles in just 45 minutes ( that may seem like a long time but generally a 20,000+ word article takes 3 days)

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2. Jasper

Jasper ai homepage screenshot

Jasper is an impressive AI writing tool that can help you craft high-quality content in a fraction of the time. However, be wary not to let technology take over your creative process too quickly.

Like any AI tool, it takes some time and effort to become proficient with its use. But once you do, the possibilities for content marketing have never been brighter.

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Jasper is an AI writing platform that utilizes machine learning to produce human-like content for blog posts, ads, social media posts and marketing emails.

OpenAI developed the large language model used in Jasper which produces copy that's similar to what you would get from a professional writer.

This tool offers a host of features designed to assist writers in writing better, faster, and more creatively. These include templates, grammar fixer, content enhancer, and plagiarism checker.

Templates - Within Jasper, you have access to over 50 templates for all kinds of content needs. These range from short blog posts and product reviews, to long-form sales copy and video scripts.

These templates are tailored to give Jasper AI context for creating high-quality content that meets your brand's standards. It's essential that you select a template that accurately represents both your brand and the tone of voice you wish to use for content production.

Commands - With Jasper AI, you can give it specific commands to help it write better, faster and more creatively. These "recipes" are an efficient way to expedite writing with Jasper AI.

Lookback - When creating new content with Jasper AI, the system is intelligent enough to read previous paragraphs and sentences so it can write new words correctly without repeating existing text.

This feature has become common among generative AI writing tools and you're sure to appreciate its convenience when using Jasper.

Repetitivity - Jasper AI, like other generative AI, can be repetitive at times and suggest the same thing repeatedly. This is especially true when crafting long-form content like blog posts or videos.

Can Jasper AI Replace My Copywriter?

While Jasper AI can certainly expedite the creation of copy, it is still not advanced enough to completely replace a professional copywriter. This is because they're still refining their language skillset, tone of voice, and fact-checking capabilities.

Thanks to our 5-day free trial offer, you can test it out without spending a penny if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase! That gives you 10,000 words and an unconditional money-back guarantee if you're not completely delighted!

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Jasper is an AI writing tool designed to help you produce content faster and better than you could on your own. It boasts a number of features and integrations that make it user-friendly.

Jasper offers one of the most competitive pricing models among similar tools, at just $29 per month when billed monthly or $24 annually.

This makes hiring a freelance writer much more cost-effective, plus you can try it out for 5 days with their free trial link!

Their Boss Mode AI pricing plan is more expensive, but it includes features their Starter plan does not. This plan caters to writers and content marketers who require long-form content creation - making it the most popular option among customers.

They also offer a business plan with custom pricing tailored for larger teams. It includes features like flexible billing, priority support and an assigned account manager.

Jasper offers a 5-day unconditional money-back guarantee, which is an impressive benefit for companies wanting to test out the software before committing.

This ensures that customers get full value for their money before signing up with Jasper. It is especially essential for small businesses and those without the funds to hire a freelance writer.

You'll get an idea of the quality of the software and whether or not it will meet your needs. Jasper's community is an excellent resource for writing feedback and ideas.

With over 50,000 members, you're sure to find someone with experience using the software who can offer helpful tips and advice.

They offer chat support so you can speak with an expert and get help in real time if needed. Furthermore, there's a Chrome extension and onboarding live group video calls to help you learn the software quickly.

Jasper has one major drawback: its GPT-3 linguistic model can produce inconsistent output. This poses a problem for non-writers who can't control the content and end up with something that doesn't speak to their intended audience.

Nonetheless, Jasper's AI remains highly effective, making it an invaluable asset for marketers looking to craft content that resonates with their target market.

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Other Stuff

Jasper AI is an excellent content generation solution for those seeking to craft high-quality blog posts, scripts for video scripts or even books.

The platform is user friendly and highly effective. Furthermore, it boasts some unique tools and features not found elsewhere in GPT-3 services.

Another fantastic aspect of Jasper AI is its affordability. Their Starter plan starts at just $29 per month, and they offer both monthly and yearly billing options.

This makes Jasper AI a great choice for any beginner writer, VA or copywriter who needs an easy-to-use yet reliable tool.

It offers over 50 copywriting tools to help you craft better content. Some of these features include an outline creator, content improver template that makes existing blog posts more pertinent, prompt generator and even rephrase button.

The rephrase feature is an invaluable asset, as it can take a complex phrase and simplify it without losing the original's meaning or style. Not only that, but this powerful feature will save you lots of time as well!

They also feature a search engine optimizer mode that can suggest the ideal anchor tags for your links. This is extremely beneficial to SEO, making your copy much more relevant to search engines.

Finally, Jaspers offers an outline creator to assist with creating a comprehensive plan for your next blog post. This can be an enormous assistance if you're having difficulty coming up with content ideas.

Prior to beginning your next blog post, it's essential that you have a clear vision. This way, you'll know what topics need to be covered and can structure the content correctly.

This will save you valuable time, making it a must-have tool for those wanting to avoid writer's block. Plus, its rephrase and content improver functions are fantastically helpful!

Are you eager to dive in with Jasper AI? Make sure to take advantage of their 5 day free trial offer! This will grant 10,000 words worth of complimentary credits so that you can test out the software with no risk!

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Final Words

Writing content has become an essential component of modern businesses and marketing efforts, and Jasper ai can make the process much faster.

Jasper AI makes it easy to generate high-quality copy quickly and efficiently for content creation teams that require a large volume of text. No longer will you have to wait days or weeks for proofreads before publishing your masterpiece!

Before you can take advantage of this AI tool, it is important to first comprehend its workings. One major issue that AI programs face is that they may not always produce identical outcomes when given instructions.

That is why you need to provide your editor with some background on the topic at hand, as well as a general outline.

Doing this will enable it to produce more pertinent content and ensure it uses appropriate words and tones in order to captivate your target audience.

Additionally, you'll need to give it examples of the type of content you wish it to create. This could range from a short list of topics to an entire blog post.

Jasper AI offers some useful content templates to expedite this process. These include ad headlines and descriptions, social media post templates, as well as blog post templates.

Jasper AI offers another major benefit by writing in more than 25 languages, which is ideal for global businesses that require content written across different dialects.

This means you can have an AI tool compose blog posts and social media posts in multiple languages without needing to hire a human writer for each one.

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3. Anyword (The Craziest Arsenal Ever)

anyword screenshot

Anyword is an impressive AI writing platform that can quickly generate high-quality copy on demand. It boasts numerous features and is straightforward to use.

Anyword can help you improve your marketing performance through improved copywriting. It offers features such as SEO markers, page editors, and plagiarism checks to help ensure success in the marketplace.

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It Offers 80+ Features! (That’s Crazy!)

Anyword is an AI writing platform that offers many features to assist users in crafting high-quality content. Whether you are creating an article for your blog, advertisement, or social media post - Anyword will assist in creating and optimizing copy that will engage and engage readers.

The software utilizes the Attention-Interest-Desire-Action and Pain-Agitate-Solution framework to generate copy that is tailored for various user interests. Furthermore, it incorporates keywords in order to boost its conversion rate.

To use Anyword, first create an account and then select from our wide range of templates for Facebook Ads, Google Search Ads, Outbrain Headlines, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Pinterest Ads.

Once you've chosen a template, the next step is to provide Anyword with all necessary information to write your content. You'll need to supply Anyword with keywords for inclusion in the copy as well as some basic instructions on how the text should be composed.

Anyword will then generate several variations of your blog post for you to choose from, displaying titles it believes are most likely to attract viewers in search results.

This feature is called a 'predictive performance score' and the higher its number is, the greater the chance that people will click on your link.

Anyword's user-friendly web app makes setup effortless - you can have the tool up and running within minutes. No downloads or complex instructions are needed, plus, with multiple projects supported simultaneously, none of them will disrupt other processes.

Customizable and usable by anyone - regardless of their skill level or experience with AI technology - making it an ideal choice for digital marketing agencies and B2C marketing teams alike.

With Anyword, you can generate text variants for social media posts, landing pages, emails and SMS messages. Plus with its custom keyword feature for a more tailored experience with the tool.

Anyword can help you save time when creating quality content. It also helps prevent repetitive material that could annoy readers.

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  1. Starter Plan:

Price: $39/month (Billed yearly, Save Up To 50 %)

Free Trial: 7 days

Included Seats: 1

Key Features:

  • 100+ marketing templates

  • Unlimited copy generation

  • Predictive performance scores & analytics

  • Blog Wizard with plagiarism checker

  • Train AI on your brand voice

  • High-performing talking points

  • Use Anyword on ChatGPT, Google Docs, Notion & more with Google Chrome extension

  1. Data-Driven Plan:

Price: $79/month (Billed yearly, Save 50%)

Free Trial: 7 days

Included Seats: 3

Key Features:

  • Unlimited 1-Click Boost Performance & Content Improver

  • 100+ marketing templates

  • Predictive performance scores & analytics

  • Blog Wizard with plagiarism checker

  • Train AI on your brand voice

  • High-performing talking points

  • Use Anyword on ChatGPT, Google Docs, Notion & more with Google Chrome extension

    1. Business Plan:

    Price: Starting from $249/month (Billed yearly, Save 50%)

    Free Trial: 7 days

    Included Seats: 3

    Key Features:

    • Connect your marketing channels with unlimited rows (copy assets)

  • Unlimited access to Copy Intelligence with past performance copy analytics

  • Rank your generated content against your existing content

  • Automated website messaging A/B testing

  • Extended brand voice capabilities

  • Onboarding & account setup

  1. Enterprise Plan

    Custom Pricing

    Free Trial: Request Demo

Key Features:

  • Enterprise-grade security & SSO

  • Private language model

  • Custom marketing channel integrations

  • Custom-built AI models

  • Full API access

  • Admin & role management

  • Security & legal review

  • Unlimited workspaces

  • Priority support

  • Dedicated customer success manager

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It Is A Good Tool

Anyword AI writing tool is an incredibly versatile resource for those in the creative industry, such as copywriters, marketers, bloggers and more who need to produce quality content quickly and efficiently.

This tool is user-friendly and allows you to generate content in various formats. It can be utilized for creating ads, social media posts, emails, landing pages and blogs as well as crafting persuasive text messages that will boost conversion rates and sales.

Utilizing AI to generate content can be a great way to save time and money. Additionally, it could improve your SEO rankings, which in turn, increases website traffic and sales.

One of the major advantages of an AI-powered tool like Anyword is that it creates content which is free from plagiarism and highly engaging.

Furthermore, it checks writers' spelling and grammar so visitors can interact with it effectively. Another advantage of Anyword is its capacity for discovering unique topics for blog posts and email subject lines.

Furthermore, you can use it to craft product descriptions for Amazon listings. This tool offers complete customization to meet your business requirements, so you can get tailored results.

Additionally, you have the power to edit generated content like adding a new sentence or shortening its length. Anyword can be utilized for creating a variety of content, such as ads, social media posts, emails, landing pages, blogs and SMS messages.

Furthermore, it has the capability to utilize custom keywords. Selecting the appropriate keywords is critical when marketing your business online.

Make sure the words chosen are pertinent to your audience and will draw them to your website. Anyword can assist in selecting the most advantageous terms for both your product and brand.

You can use Anyword to craft an engaging product description for your Amazon store, helping to draw in more customers and sell more items.

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